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    June 2, 2005

    Battlefield 2 Has Gone GOLD

According to the official EA website Battlefield 2 is scheduled to ship Tuesday June 21st, 2005. This is 10 days ahead of previous reports, this is a good thing. Let us just hope that the game ships with less bugs then BFV did.

For the link to EA's website where this is discussed please visit our forums under the General Discussion in the Battlefield 2 section.

Prepare for battle,

Capt. D

    May 31, 2005

Well the site has almost been up for a month now and things seem to be going along smoothly. The server is somewhat functional but is still not fully up, we can all thank The Col. for a being  slack ass.

If you haven't noticed some content has begun to emerge on the site and more is well on its way. The link page has had some major updates put on it and is shaping up to be a good source of anything Battlefield as well as gaming resources in general. The Divisions section is still a work in progress and some other sections, such as the enlistment section, are yet to be developed. The Forum however is showing some promise and we encourage all to sign up and post.

Finally what to expect in the future here at We are looking to expand the site, not only as a home for the Team but a site for the community. A site with knowledge and entertainment incorporating all aspects of first person shooters, of course having a primary focus on the Battlefield series.

At ease troops,

Capt. D

    May 10, 2005

    The Forums are up and running as of Tuesday May 10, 2005.

That is all,

Capt. D
Carry on Soldier




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