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    July 25, 2005

    BF2 UBAR site...3rd BF2 patch

Have you still been wondering what all the awards, medals, and rankings are for Battlefield 2? Well wait no longer the Site is your source, according to the site they are 99% correct and from what I have seen they are right on. So go check the site out then hop in the game and work your stats.

According to EA they will be releasing a 3rd patch to BF2 in late August. This patch will have over 140 fixes with it. Some of the fixes will be for such things as the server browser, the HUD, as well as modifications to the ranking system. A ranking system modification will allow you to receive points for destroying an enemy commander's assets and a server browser MOD will allow the use of Favorites. Check back in the future for more information on the reported 140 fixes this patch will have. You can read EA's Official release here.

Finally make sure and vote for You can do this by clicking on the top site icons both in the upper right hand side of this page and on the left side of the Links page. For more information and discussion on the topics mention be sure and visit our Forums.

Till next time,

Capt. D

    July 15, 2005

    BF2 Expansion...BF2 Stats issues

Well as expected the reason behind the BF2 stats via web browser suspension was due to the shear number of people accessing the data. This was causing problems not only for Battlefield 2 but other games as well managed by Game Spy. The developers however are determined to rectify the problem as soon as possible. They say that in a few weeks they hope to come up with a solution to this issue and the stats will be back up and accessible to users on the internet.

In other Battlefield 2 news, DICE is currently working on an expansion pack to the newly released BF2. This expansion pack is entitled Battlefield 2: Special Forces and it will include 6 different special forces units from all over the world plus 10 new vehicles. The 6 special forces units are said to be US Navy SEALs, Russian Spetznas, British SAS, MEC Special Forces, and 2 Insurgent groups. The two Insurgent groups will be based on MEC roots and Russian roots. You can find more information about this at EAís Official Battlefield 2 site.

Lastly in site development news we have a few things to share with you today. has begun its development of the Strategy and Planning section. You can see a working preview of what is to come here. The plan is to expand this section to other first person shooters (FPS) and not just BF2. Keep checking this new section for updates and feel free to contact us if you would like to share any of your strategy ideas/guides. Finally check out our Forum for more information on any of the above topics as well as discussion on numerous other topics.

Keep up the fight soldier,

Capt. D

    July 13, 2005

    Battlefield 2 Stats Down

Apparently the servers hosting the BF2 ranked information have been undergoing DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. This may be, but a more logical answer would be simply that EA was not prepared for the popularity of this game and its ranking system. Hopefully it isn't the latter and it is in fact some jackass hackers causing a DDOS. Stay posted for more information on this topic.

In other site news, we are hoping to have the recruitment section up and running by the end of the week if not early next week. However for the time being you may contact us through the Forum until the recruitment section is up.

Finally, coming soon to will be a strategy and planning (S&P) section. The section will be mostly for BF2 at first but may branch off into other games. The S&P section will feature maps and drawn out plans of attack along with narratives and discussion.  A preview of this will be up and running within a week or so.

Carry on,

Capt. D

    July 7, 2005

    Battlefield 2 Stats and Awards....Unreal Tournament 2007

One great feature of Battlefield 2 is the "Ranked" servers and the ability to move up the ranks and be rewarded for your skill. This is turning out to be quite a nice feature and allows for bragging rights, with proof mind you. Finally you can find out if your buddy is full of it or if he/she really is a bad ass sniper, medic, Spec Ops, or whatever. Plus itís a nice touch and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you receive a medal, ribon, or promotion in game. Sounds go off award pictures flash and the whole server is alerted to your achievements via a text display.

So you might be thinking what are the awards and what do they all mean, well it just so happens that IGN has a excellent FAQ covering just that. You can find this info at the following link entitled Battlefield 2 Medal, Badge, Ribbon List Submitted by Erik-IGN and a less complete graphical list can be found at OGN BF2-Outpost. Now you may also be wondering can I get my stats online and can I view my friends or enemies stats, well, yes you can. A few sites have come up with scripting that will provide you with an array of stats, some having more detail then others. Here is some links of interest to check out: and Hopefully may have something similar at some point.

Finally stay tuned in the next couple of days for some information on the upcoming game Unreal tournament 2007, until then enjoy the site, check out the Forum, visit some Links and stop back.

Get moving soldier,

Capt. D

    June 28, 2005

    Battlefield updates...oh my

With Battlefield 2 being released and its amazing game play all our time here at has been occupied by it. The game is simply spectacular, the flight dynamics are awesome, the maps are almost so detailed and surreal you just want to walk around in the woods forever, oh and did I mention that it sounds like a freaking jungle. EA has done a great job with this game and expect a Full review shortly.

Now for some other news, we are proud to debut Topsites, it's about 90% up and running and should be fully functional by the end of the week. If you are not familiar with what a "Topsite" is, in short it's a place where people place links and banners to their sites and other people vote for them.

In other site development news, be prepared for more Half-Life and CounterStrike content. Also the recruitment section is well under way and so is the divisions and squads section of Team Freelance Killers. Not sure if you're interested in Battlefield 2? Well, in the next few days look for more in game screen shots to help you think about it.

In closing, we are always looking for Team members and/or people interested in working on the site so feel free to contact us in our Forums.

Until we met again soldier,

Capt. D

    June 19, 2005

    Weekend update

Expect some major improvements and added features this week to the site. Things behind the scene have been going very well and we should be able to bring you much more and better content later in the week.

The forum is starting to pick up and we encourage all to be active in the community. If you have any screenshots or videos that you have made and want them up on this site please feel free to contact us through the Forum.

Finally we have a new mod in the links section called Red Crucible. Red Crucible is a WWIII mod for Battlefield 2, check out there site and see what you think. Links are constantly being added so make sure to always check the Links section.

At ease soldier,

Capt. D

    June 14, 2005

    Lets talk mods

Mods are a great part of games especially games like Half-Life or say Battlefield 2. With the BF2 demo finally released many of us have started to try it out and take it for a test spin. BF2 seems to be some intense action packed with some serious visuals, but what is really going to make this game good is the large modding community and fan base the Battlefield series has created.

Buying the retail version of BF2 is going to be like buying 20 First Person Shooters (FPS), or more. If you are a veteran to the Battlefield series than you know how much fun mods can be I mean just look at Desert Combat, Point of Existence, and Dice City just to name a few. Not to mention you also have the main game to fall back on if you ever get sick of one of the mods, this allows you to spice things up a bit.

The modding community is a dedicated and talented bunch, giving you just one more reason why to buy what is shaping up to be the game of the year. Take a look at the awesomely futuristic Mech Tactical Simulation, how sick is this going to be. Perhaps you would like to relive the glory days of Desert Combat. Desert Conflict is the mod for you, bringing you back to the desert during the 1st and 2nd gulf wars. Maybe you want to take a trip on the dark side of things and go to the hellish future where civilization as we know it has disappeared, then check out Battlefield: Apocalypse. Then again maybe you are just sick and tired of the US duking it out with some other country, if so have a look at Men of Courage (MOC). MOC is a mod that takes place in the Balkans between Dutch UN peace keepers and Yugoslavian factions.

So if you didn't notice already there is a lot of mods coming out for BF2 and I for one am very happy that I already pre-ordered my copy, now to just get that new graphics card. For more links to mod sites please visit our Links page and our Forums section.

You better get training soldier,

Capt. D


    June 10, 2005

    BF2 Demo released....but where????

The demo has finally been released, however most servers are jammed. The following is a list of servers to try:

   GameSpot    Battlefield Nation

   FileFront    3D Gamers    FileShack

I was finally able to get through on FileShack. In order for you to download on FileShack you must register for a free account, this takes seconds and you need an active e-mail address. Once registered you can download the demo at a maximum of 500k, you must first wait in-line though which is getting longer and longer.For more discussion on this and many other topics make sure to check out our Forums.

Good luck and I'll see you on the Battlefield,

Capt. D

    June 9, 2005

    BF2 Demo When...Where...What????

So the much anticipated demo for Battlefield 2 is rumored to be released tomorrow Friday June 10th, but will it be and where will it be released first? There is conflicting reports and its leading to lots of confusion, will it be GameSpot or will it be Xfire????

According to they will be the first to release the demo, according to they will be the first to get it. Who really knows, if it's released on one first one would expect that shortly there after it would be smuggled onto hundreds of sites all over the internet (since we all know how these things happen).

So when the demo finally does get released you may be wondering what is it going to consist of, well it's definitely going to be a very slimmed down version of the retail game due out June 21st (no way...a demo slimmed down).

This is what we can tell you:

The map will be the Gulf of Oman and while in the full version the Chinese will be a playable option they will not be in the demo. The only playable forces are going to be the US and the MEC. The demo will include both the single player and multiplayer (16 and 32 player) versions of the map. However the retail BF2 will have single, 16, 32, and 64 player versions of this map. There will also be a time limit, to what this time limit will be is still unknown. There will also be no commander mode and no voice over IP.

When will this demo be released, who knows, we all hope tomorrow. Where will it be released first, again who knows. Rest assured though when it does get released will make sure to get you the information. For more discussion on this and many other topics make sure to check out our Forums.

That is all soldier,

Capt. D

    June 7, 2005

    DICE Closes Trauma Studios

The end of a beginning, for those of you who don't know Trauma studios was the team responsible for the Desert Combat (DC) modification to Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions CE game of the year Battlefield 1942 (BF42). After Trauma Studios developed DC for BF42 and Digital Illusions CE (DICE) recognized what these individuals where capable of they began acquiring Trauma Studios.

Twelve of these individuals went on to work with DICE. Now DICE will be closing their New York offices for good, however all twelve remaining Trauma Studios employees have been offered jobs at DICE's Stockholm office. With the closing of the New York office there will only be one office remaining in North America, that office is located in Canada. DICE acquired Trauma Studios in September of 2004.

On to other DICE news. Word has it, from the official DICE website, they have indeed signed contracts for 2 more "untitled" PC games. These contracts are with the gaming giant Electronics Arts. Go DICE, now if we could only find out what these games are going to be, let alone what they are going to be called?!

On a final note, DICE has announced that it will be making Battlefield 2 Modern Combat for Sony's PSP. For more links and discussions on similar topics head on over to the forums.

Carry On Soldier,

Capt. D

    June 6, 2005

    Battlefield 2 Demo to be released on Xfire

Thatís right folks the much anticipated BF2 demo is going to be released and if you have Xfire you can sign up for it to automatically be downloaded as soon as it becomes available. Speculation is that the BF2 demo will be available June 10th, 2005.

According to an unofficial EA posting the Battlefield 2 demo will contain the following: One map with 16-32 players in multiplayer and 16 players only in single player. The demo will also be released with a "Round Time Limit"; the length of this time limit is still unknown. As more information becomes available will get it to you, so stop back soon.

Stand tall soldier,

Capt. D

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