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    November 3, 2005

   Battlefield 2 Special Forces...

The Special Forces expansion pack for Battlefield 2 is rapidly approaching its release date of November 21, 2005 and has been recently the talk of the net. BF2:SF will be bringing 6 new forces, 10 new vehicles, and 8 new maps to the BF2 engine. Even though this game is based on the BF2 engine it really is its own separate game. Ranked servers will only be playing either BF2 of BF2:SF and will not be mixing the two together.

The expansion is very similar to the base game as maps will be primarily focused outdoors and will be of the conquest type. However EA has said that there will be some interior spaces and new features allowing players to open/close gates and raise/lower elevators. Add in the new zip line and grappling hook features and this game should prove more interesting than the plain BF2.

Have a look at some of the new features for yourself over at the official EA BF2:SF site, take a look at the newest game trailer over at, and finally have a look at a Q & A session with EA over at the Wolfgaming Forums.

In other gaming news the Valve team has released the Lost Coast single player level for download by HL2 owners. This new additional level has some pretty extreme hardware requirements to play but shows off all the goodies the Source engine can bring to a game. Have a look at the official news relase at

At ease soldier,

Capt. D

    October 26, 2005

   DICE set to begin development on new game...

According to an official press release on the DICE webpage they have signed a contract with publisher Electronic Arts to make another game. While they haven't released many details about this game they do state that it is in the DICE brand of games. Now this could mean many things some could speculate that it could be BF3, some could say it may be another expansion for BF2. The rumors are really flying around on this one and we will try our best to keep you informed as this story evolves.

I would like to take a moment and thank all of our visitors and the recent people that have been showing interest in the site and the team. We have set some site records this month and hope to continue to serve the FPS gaming community for a long time to come. This site is on track and will continue to grow and expand. We plan on putting more effort into featuring more games and bringing more useful strategies to the site. Our goal is to provide the community with up to date information on what is going on in the FPS gaming world, we also want to provide services to our fellow gamers. Some of these services include strategy guides, gaming news, and link directories to some of the best mod and gaming sites on the net, so you don't have waste precious time looking for them.

Lastly I would like to remind people that the Strategy and Planning section of this site is only a "demo" and we have much more done and in working order behind the scene, we think you will like what is to come. Also please keep checking on our Links section for as we find new gems of the internet we will post them with a brief description, thus you can get a better understanding of what they are before you visit them. In closing I would like to thank all of our visitors for spending the time to look over our little site on the web.

Stay tuned soldier,

Capt. D

    October 17, 2005

   Survival of the Fittest mod... Site updates...

One of the new additions to our revamped links database is the Survival of the Fittest BF2 modification. This mod pits you against everyone else in a head on head last man standing frag fest. You are a scout (sniper) and must sneak around maps taking out other players before they get you.

You will have a vast array of items available for you to use in Survival of the Fittest that range from silent alarms to booby traps and everything in-between. Each kit also has its own "Special Item", this item is the only tool that varies from kit to kit. For more information on this mod please visit the Development Team's Site.

We are proud to bring you an updated link database here at This is more than just a links page but provides you with a brief description of each categorized site. The sites cover a broad range of first person shooters and utilities. So head on over to the Links section for more information and endless hours of net surfing. (please keep in mind this is a work in progress)

Frag on with your bad self,

Capt. D

    October 11, 2005

   Plan of Attack HL2 Modification... BF2 news

A new release of the modification to Half-Life 2 entitled Plan of Attack has been released. This mod is a strategic team based concept, hence the name Plan of Attack. The game pits two teams against one another to defend or occupy objectives. These objectives are selected by a random team member each round. The team that selected an offensive strategy will select a defensive strategy in the following round, this repeats back and forth during each map.

Players have a choice of 4 classes to choose from and as the game progresses you will gain experience with that class making your soldier better. The classes available are Sniper, Ranger, Rifleman, and Gunner. Each class offers something special to the team. Weapons are purchased in this game much like they are in Counter-Strike, however acquiring money is much different in this game. For example certain objectives are worth a certain amount of money and capturing a opposing teams main base will bankrupt them for one round.

This FPS is both fun and challenging and I suggest you visit the mod teams site, download a copy and try it for yourself. Plan of Attack is a highly recommended modification to Half-Life 2. You can access the website at

Now for some BF2 news. The Men of Courage mod team has released another update. This update includes another map and some more weapons and vehicles. They have also rewritten the story line for the mod; this mod is looking like it will be a nice addition to anyone’s BF2 mod collection upon its release. So head on over to the MoC site and have a look at what they have been up too.

Stay tuned to for news on upcoming mods and FPS. As always have a look at our Links section and browse around the Forums for more discussion on these and many other topics.

Now get moving soldier,

Capt. D

    October 4, 2005

   BF2 patch released

That’s right the much anticipated long awaited Battlefield 2 patch version 1.03 has been released today. You can download this patch at EA's official website or a plethora of other file download sites. This patch has a huge number of fixes and tweaks aimed at making the BF2 gaming experience that much better. For more information please visit EA's BF2 website HERE.

The patch is also available at the following sites:

Game Spot    File Cloud    File Planet    3D Gamers

Gamer Node    The Pirate Bay    File Front    File Shack

Get downloading soldier,

Capt. D

    October 3, 2005

   BF2 Patch

Rumors have been flying around cyberspace that the Battlefield 2 patch version 1.03 will be released today at 4:00PM EST. This information has yet to be confirmed and if the patch is indeed released today the likely hood of servers having it installed will be rare. As we learn more about this any and all information will be posted here.


Apparently this was a false statement and is not able to be confirmed. The information we have received indicates that the patch may or may not be released this week (sound familiar). If we hear anything else we will post it.

We are on full alert,

Capt. D

    September 27, 2005

   Day of Defeat: Source...BF2 Patch????? More mods, oh my...

That's right Day of Defeat: Source has been released. It is now available for download either for a set price via steam or for free if you have purchased certain Half-Life 2 packages. DoD started off as a WWII modification to the blockbuster game Half-Life. DoD: Source is the remake using the Half-Life 2 Source Engine. This game pits the Axis versus the Allies in some all out multiplayer combat taking place during WWII in the European theater. Check out the Day of Defeat website for more information.

Now for some BF2 news we have heard some rumors indicating what might be in the upcoming patch for Battlefield 2. Some of these game changes will be to the way flags are captured, helicopters are repaired, how the team kill system works, and more. Check out our Forums for more information on this and many other items of interest.

Some more mods have come to our attention here are and we would like to share them with you. The first is US Intervention, this mod takes BF2 back to the days of the first gulf war with some tank pounding desert action. The next mod we would like bring to your attention is the IDF Fight for Independence mod. This mod also takes place in the Middle East however it pits the Israelis against the Arabs in what they call the Arab Israeli Conflicts. For a WWII mod have a look at Forgotten Hope 2. FH has been around since BF42 and is now migrating to BF2.  Have a look at these mods and the many others linked in our Links section.

Finally in BF2 news the mini mod development team of BF2 Nights has released a new version of their BF2 modification. You can download it HERE. The new version has added night vision, reworked the levels, and more.

Carry on,

Capt. D

    September 19, 2005


Have you ever wished you could have recorded that last headshot or the crazy kill, well you could have. A program called Fraps can record that kill or for that matter anything you want to do in game, in any game even. However that is not all Fraps provides, things like frames per second (fps). Fraps produces a .avi file from your in game experience, it captures both video and audio (this can be modified). This program also allows for screen capture and a ton of stuff related to benchmarking. You can check out Fraps for yourself and download a demo version at

Get recording soldier,

Capt. D

    September 12, 2005

   New Server

If you had noticed this weekend the site has been intermittently down, this however should not occur anymore. We have recently changed hosting providers, and we are seeing a huge difference in performance. Please bear with us as we continue making this transfer, this transfer is the reason some sections of the site are not working. By the end of the day today everything should be up and back to normal.

Stay tuned soldier,

Capt. D

    September 6, 2005

   BF2 Nights

The mini Mod BF2 Nights has been released. While this is not a fully finished mini mod it is playable and apparently stable in multiplayer. So go download it today, you can find the server and client files HERE.

See you in the dark,

Capt. D

    September 4, 2005

   BF2 Mods

Well since before the release of Battlefield 2 the Modding community has been hard at work. After the release of the BF2 Editor many of those Modders began more extensive work and today many of them are well on their way to releases. Such Mods as Men of Courage, Battlefield:Apocalypse, Point of Existence, Red Crucible, and many others just have a look at our Links page or Topsites section.

A unique Mini Mod that is in the works is BF2 Nights. This mod makes three maps, Mastuur City, Strike at Karkand, and Sharqi Peninsula, into night time experiences. The night modes add in street lights and vehicle lights as well as making the explosions that much more intense. Hopefully this Mini Mod gets released soon since the screenshots look very promising.

Finally many of you may have heard of the recent disaster to happen in the southern part of the United States of America, particularly the states that border the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Our heart and prayers are with all the displaced people that have lost everything and have to  rebuild their lives. Please give a helping hand if you can. Sites such as and the are places where you can donate money or volunteer.

At ease soldier,

Capt. D

    August 22, 2005

   Strategy and Planning...BF2 news

We have been hard at work on the site and you might have noticed a new button in the site navigation menu, this button is the Strategy button. The strategy button leads you to just one of the many ongoing projects here at, continue reading for more information on this section and the other sections to follow.

The Strategy and Planning section (accessible under the Strategy Button) is now somewhat up and running you can see this section HERE or you can go to the Soldier's Kit portion which currently has the most amount of content. This section is by no means done and it may never actually become finished, since the name is Strategy and Planning and that really has no end. The section mostly focuses on BF2 Strategy, but hopefully in time it will be the home of strategies and tactics to many more first person shooters (FPS). Enjoy the new section and stop back soon to see the updates.

In BF2 news, the 1.03 patch has been postponed until further notice. EA has stated that with the looming deadline of the end of August rapidly approaching the 140 bug patch will not be finished in time for its original release. EA/DICE has not issued a date as of yet to win the patch will actually be released. In other gaming news Valve has been and will be releasing more content for Half-Life 2 via steam. Some of this new content will include Day Of Defeat Source, The Lost Coast, and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic a game built on the source engine. Many things will be and currently are released via Steam, for more information visit

Finally, the site may have a new Strategy and Planning section but as previously stated that's not all that is in the works, please see the August 11th News for more information. Be sure to check out our Forums for discussion on these topics and others.

till next time,

Capt. D

    August 11, 2005

   Site Update...More to follow

The site is coming along nicely I must say and we are hoping to have many of the planned sections up and running by the end of this month. These new sections include: Recruitment, Strategy and Planning, Team Divisions along with a Team Roster, and more.

Also in consideration is a game review section and some graphical upgrades through out the site. So as you can see we have been very busy here at Stop back soon for more information on such games as Full Spectrum Warrior, Half-Life 2, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory and many more.

Finally for some Battlefield 2 news the BF2 MOD kit has been released to the public. This release is extremely important to the modding community for they can now begin putting all their hard work from the past few months together. So be prepared to see a lot of mods starting to release demos and teasers of their long developed modifications to the BF2 game. Also stay tuned to for an upcoming article on modding and mod tools.

In the mean time have a look at this 7 minute AVI made in BF2 by Nathan Skar you can download it here at

Until we meet again soldier, carry on,

Capt. D

    August 02, 2005

   Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory...BF2 Expansion November 8th?

Perhaps you have gotten bored with BF2 (doubtful), or maybe you just cant afford it right now, or for whatever reason you just want another game and because we all know you need one, listen up. Some of you may recall a side scrolling shooter that came out way back in the 80's entitled Castle Wolfenstein. That game had then inspired what came out in the 90's as Wolfenstein 3D a FPS that pitted you a WWII era Allied Spy against Hitler's Nazis in a race to escape.

Wolfenstein led to a few sequels and a more modern game released in 2002 entitled Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Return to Castle Wolfenstein turned out being a rather successful game and an expansion pack was soon in the works. Well lucky for us that expansion pack came out in 2003 as a stand alone game and the best part it was free. So if your looking to relive the glory days with a new polished better game in the Wolfenstein era I suggest you head on over to and download a copy of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. For more information on Return to Castle Wolfenstein please visit Activision's official site and for more information on the original Wolfenstein games please visit The Wolf 3-D Shrine.

In BF2 news the highly anticipated expansion Battlefield 2 Special Forces has been rumored to be released on or around November 8th, 2005. Now with this date being so close to the holiday season I'm betting it's one rumor that isn't very far off base. as we find out more about the expansion pack and it's release date we will let you know. For previous information please see the July 15th News or have a look around our Forums for more discussion.

Finally the site will be going through some minor modifications over the next few weeks as new sections come on-line and the current content gets tweaked. You may notice changes in some of the graphics as well as new items of interest. Look for some screenshots of the Wolfenstein game mentioned above as well as some future discussion of the game Full Spectrum Warrior. Until then make sure to vote for us and to check out our Links.

Now get out there and whoop some ass soldier,

Capt. D

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