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    February 20, 2006

   BF2 Patch 1.21, Euro Force delayed....

Yes you read that right EA has announced today that they will be postponing the first of two scheduled booster packs. In the recent events that have followed the 1.2 patch for BF2 some issues have a raised causing for the need of a 1.21 patch. This in turn has caused the BF booster pack Euro Force to be delayed again. Neither the 1.21 patch or the booster pack has been given a new release date. You can read the official community update at EA's BF2 site.

we are at DEFCON 1 soldier,

Capt. D

    February 18, 2006

   BF2 Euro Force in 4 days....

The first of two announced booster packs for BF2 is scheduled for release early next week. The Euro Force booster pack for BF2 will bring a whole new army, new vehicles, new weapons, and some new maps to the game. This booster pack will be available only via the EA Downloader and it will cost you 10 bucks.

Euro Force pits the a European Union army against the MEC and PLA forces in all-new Asian locations. The confirmed added content is as follows:

1 Army
European Union

3 Maps
"Operation Smoke Screen"
"Taraba Quarry"
"Great Wall"

4 Vehicles
Main Battle Tank - Leopard 2A6
Main Battle Tank - Challenger 2
Helicopter - Eurocopter Tiger (Tiger HAP)
Plane - Eurofighter (Typhoon T1)

7 Weapons
SA80 L85A2
SA80 L85A2 with UGL (AG-36)
Benelli M4

1 Medal
European Union Special Service Medal

The Euro Force booster pack will be available next week, you can download and purchase it at

See you on the battlefield,

Capt. D

    February 14, 2006

   BF2 1.2 Patch has been released....

That's right soldiers the much anticipated 1.2 patch has been released. This patch is sure to change the way you do battle so get downloading and get out there soldier. Please note that there is both an incremental and full patch available. If you are already patched to 1.12 you only need to download the 82mb incremental patch.

The patch is also available at the following sites:

EA's BF2 Site    Game Spot    File Planet

File Front    File Shack

Please note that some of these links are for the full version and not the incremental version of the patch. You can read the patch release notes in our BF2 section of the forums.

Enjoy the new game,

Capt. D

    February 13, 2006

   BF2 1.2 Patch, will it be tomorrow....

Word on the battlefield is that EA will release the 1.2 patch tomorrow. While this has yet to be confirmed the official EA BF2 Site does have a new community update discussing the 1.2 patch and stating it's in the final release cycle. You can read the official community update over at the EA BF2 Site. As soon as we hear more about this patch release we will let you know and post the usual links to download sites offering the patch.

We are on full alert,

Capt. D

    February 12, 2006

   BF2 Booster pack updates and site news....

Incase you're not aware the booster pack for BF2 titled Euro Force was delayed 2 weeks due to the delay of the upcoming patch for BF2. The original release date for Euro Forces was scheduled for February 8, 2006. The two week delay puts the release date around the end of February. This booster will only be available via EA Downloader you can find EA Downloader at

The upcoming Armored Fury booster pack that is due for release in March will feature some things that man of you have been waiting for for a long time. That's right US based maps, the maps for Armored Fury will be set in American Heartland. Battles will be raged with Alaskan, Pennsylvanian, and US freeways as back drops. There will be all out tank war fare on the Freeways of the USA, I mean how cool is that. These campaigns are set up as the USMC defending against invasions from the MEC and PLA forces. Our research has allowed us to conclude that the following will be included in the booster pack:

3 Maps
"Midnight Sun" takes place on the Alaskan Border
"Operation Harvest" Set in the plains of Pennsylvania
"Operation Road Rage" Taking place on the freeways of the USA

4 Planes
USMC A-10 Warthog
USMC Harrier Jump Jet
MEC Su-25 Frogfoot
PLA Q-5 Fantan

1 Helicopter
Kiowa Warrior

When more information becomes available about the Armored Fury booster pack we will make sure to keep you informed, so please remember to check back.

Finally in site news, you may have noticed a few new sections in the forums lately and well they are to discuss Video Games, Hardware, and a section where we will place all our interviews we conduct with various mod teams. Some of these sections you will need to be a registered member to view. For instance the section on Video Games requires that you have registered with the forum. Once registered you will have access to screenshots, gaming news, trailers, and more. This section is dedicated to information about upcoming video games on a variety of different gaming platforms. All of these mentioned sections will be updated frequently so head on over check them out and remember to check back from time to time.

Go get your game on,

Capt. D

    February 04, 2006

   BF2 new unlocks....

In preparation to the upcoming patch and booster packs EA and GameSpy have begun implementing pieces for live testing. You may notice that the next time you log into BF2 you will receive awards for new unlocks (How many depends on your rank). This is being done so EA can test out the new system and once the patch comes a long you will be able to use those unlock awards for the new weapons.

See you on the battlefield,

Capt. D

    January 25, 2006

   Star Wars Empire at War, BF2 Boosters, Site Updates....

First off the Counter-Strike Source map cs_militia has been released and is very nicely done. If you haven't had steam on in awhile I suggest you boot it up and update, trust me you will not regret. For the rest of you you already know what I am talking about.

Sometimes you need to change the pace a little and play something else other then a FPS well have a look at Star Wars Empire at War. Empire at War is a new Real Time Strategy (RTS) game that will be on store shelves February 16, 2006.

This RTS is a very intuitive one featuring not only ground battles but also space battles, basically the choice is yours in how you want to take over the galaxy. You can play as either the Empire or the Republic and you can act out the Star Wars series or do it your own way.

The resources gathering has been reduced to how many planets you have conquered, you can also use smugglers to skim money form the other team. This method removes the need for silly resource gathering and allows you to focus more on the actual strategy and battles the game offers.

Star Wars Empire at War has some very nice visuals once you get into the battle scenes, oh and did I mention there is space battles. Bottom line anyone that is into RTS games should definitely check this one out, in fact don't take my word for it but head on over to the Lucas Arts Empire at War Site and download the demo.

Now for some Battlefield 2 news, over at the EA BF2 official site they have put up a Euro Force booster pack page. This page will allow you to check out the Euro Force army as well as all the goodies this booster will bring to the BF2 series. Have a look for yourself over at Electronic Arts Official Battlefield 2 Euro Force Page.

Finally for some site update news, we have added a few new sections to the Forum the new section pertain to BF2 Mod Interviews and Gaming news of the non FPS type. The gaming news section will feature screenshots, news updates and trailers of games that don't necessarily fall into the FPS genre but we feel need mentioning. The BF2 Mod Interview section is rather self explanatory in that it will feature the full length interviews we conduct with Mod teams to write articles. Both of these new sections require you to be a member of the Forum, so head on over and sign up.

Stay tuned soldier 2006 has just begun and we have much more to come,

Capt. D

    January 16, 2006

   Counter-Strike Source new map to be released....

The valve team has announced that they will be releasing a remake of the classic map CS_Militia. This new map is a huge improvement visually over the old one and they have apparently tweaked it for better game play. While a release date hasn't been stated you can see a screen capture and read more information about the map over at the official web site.

The suspense is killer,

Capt. D

    January 11, 2006

   Battlefield 2 1.2 Patch, Booster Packs in Feburary....

That's right folks the much anticipated patch 1.2 for BF2 is now in public testing. Some of fixes include; Reduction of the flash bang radius, added unlocks for the sniper and anti-tank kits, AT Mines will no longer be destroyable by other explosives, mines/claymores/C4 will be able to be picked up by their kit using the "G" key, and many more bug fixes are confirmed. This patch should be released soon and you can read more about it at EA's official Battlefield 2 site.

Some of you may have noticed that the message from EA window in the load up screen of BF2 has changed. It now talks about the newest BF2 Booster Pack: Euro Force. This booster pack will be available exclusively through EAs downloader service. The booster pack brings an all new European Army with new weapons for each soldier kit as well as 3 new maps and 4 new vehicles. The Euro Force Booster Pack will be released February 8th, 2006.

Another booster pack in the works has also been unveiled. This booster pack is titled Armored Furry and is slated for a March 28th, 2006 release date. This booster pack intends to bring back the mechanized wars of BF42. This booster pack will come with 3 new maps and 2 new vehicle classes. Both of these booster packs will be available exclusively through EAs downloader service and will cost $9.99 each. For more information on these booster pack please visit EA's official Battlefield 2 site.

Finally in site news we have added a new section in the Forums called Hardware. This section will focus on everything to do with the personal computer and its hardware components, everything from LEDs to SCSI and then some will be discussed. We plan to constantly update this section so keep an eye on it for the latest in computer technology. We have also begun to expand our staff and currently have some recruits in a trial testing period. Hopefully they will work out and you will begin to see much more content show up on the site. We are determined to make this site a great place not only for community chit chat and team play, but for First Person Shooters in general. So take some time and check out our Strategy section, browse the Links, and drop us a line in our Forums.

Have a nice day soldier,

Capt. D

    January 9, 2006

   Is on its way

Have no fear the news will be returning to very very soon. Some things are in the works, such as; MOD interviews, new FPS games, Site updates, tons of new screen shots, the first ever Competition, and so much more. So stay tuned and we will be serving you in the New Year 06 once more.

In the mean time we are currently actively recruiting site staff. We are looking for anyone really if you love BF2 or FPS and want to help out please contact us via the forums. Previous experience with anything web related, graphics related, or anything really is helpful but not necessary. Please note Team FreelanceKillers is also recruiting and you need not be in one or the other to be in the other, if that makes any sense.

Don't you go anywhere soldier we will be right back,

Capt. D

    December 22, 2005

   BF2 Medals, Badges, and Ribbons...

Well with the holiday season and the lack of interesting BF2 news out there I have decided to do something a little different for this news post, what is it you ask? Well I have decided to do sort of an Editorial on the Ranking system and BF2. I encourage all to post comments in the forum section after reading this, a link will be provided at the bottom of the article.

As some of you may have noticed the requirements for badges, ribbons, and medals tend to focus more on time spent in game than any real skill factor. Granted some requirements have X number of kills associated with them and X number of kills in a round (IAR). I still don't feel that this current system shows any real player skill. Now I do like the new ranking system and all of the awards one can acquire, it makes you play all aspects of the game. However I feel it needs to be adjusted.

For example the veteran aviator badge requires 100 hours in a plane and 12 IAR kills with a plane. Now this focus on time I believe was a bad move on the part of EA/DICE. I feel that kills and points earned should be more important. What I mean by points earned is by how many heals, revives, destroying commander assets, and so on. Now to an extent these are used but they are very minimal to the time requirements.

Now you may have noticed I mentioned destroying commander assets. Well I think that this would be an excellent addition to the requirement of the Special Forces kit's badges. This requirement should go along side with X number of kills, X number of kills IAR, and X hours of play.

Another modification I feel is needed is the on foot versus in vehicle kill count. This would apply to certain kits like for example the Sniper. The sniper badges shouldnít be awarded for vehicle kills since that is not the intended position of the kit. However Kits like Engineer, Medic, and Support should be allowed to incorporate vehicle kills, since these kits are more useful when in a vehicle (mobile repair shops, ammo depots, and medivacs). Albeit the IAR kills required should increase accordingly if a kit can use vehicle kills towards rank.

Another idea would be to use more information when counting things towards higher ranking badges and ribbons. Things like distance to kill and how many kills in a row during close quarters combat (CQC). The latter being counted during a predetermined set time. The CQC requirement would mean that under intense pressure and fire the player was able to keep composure and dominate the field of battle. From some game mods out there in development I have seen this to be possible, with the measuring of distance to opponent.

Overall I feel the rewards system is a nice touch, it makes you play all aspects of the game as I stated before. However it being a first of its kind it definitely has some issues and hopefully they will be tweaked and fixed until the system is more of a depiction of skill than just how long you can sit in front of a computer screen.

I hope you enjoyed this read and as I said before please feel free to comment on this and any other issues in our Forums, I have set up a specific thread for this HERE. If you would like more information on the requirements of ranks, badges, medals, ribbons, and so on take a look at in particular their UBAR Section.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Soldiers,

Capt. D

    December 13, 2005

   T72 Balkans On Fire...

Balkans on fire is a tank simulation game created by Russian developers IDDK/Crazy House and published by This game allows you to interact in one of the many positions in a tank from driving to gunner and even tank commander. You can dig in with the tanks plow, to give you more protection and cover. Each tank is highly detailed and the lush environments make for some breathtaking battles. So head on over to the official web site and download the demo.T72 Balkans On Fire

Tank on soldier,

Capt. D

    December 2, 2005

   Battlefield Vietnam Patch released...

There is a new incremental patch out for both Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 1942. This patch fixes an undisclosed exploit in the game. So head on over to either EA's official Battlefield Vietnam or Battlefield 1942 site.

Keep the past alive,

Capt. D

    November 30, 2005

   Battlefield 2 Patch coming soon...

That's right folks EA/DICE today released a statement that they are currently working on a new post 1.12 patch for BF2. They have also stated that they will be releasing mod tool updates as well. The press release shows how dedicated they are to making BF2 the best game ever. Let us hop that this patch fixes many of the annoying little bugs that we all deal with and that it will add some more content to the game itself (like a map). The team at well be on full alert and shall keep you posted with any updates on this issue. To read the full press release head on over to EA's Official BF2 Site.

Stay tuned soldier,

Capt. D

    November 22, 2005

   Battlefield 2 Patch 1.12 released...

While this patch is mostly for the upcoming Battlefield 2 Special Forces Expansion pack it does offer some fixes for the vanilla BF2. The patch is a hefty one weighing in at 280 Megs so you best get downloading now.

However if you plan on or already have purchased the BF2: SF expansion you may want to keep the patch file around. The reason for keeping the file on hand is after installing Special Forces you are going to have to reapply the 1.12 patch. The reason behind this is that SF ships with a patch version 1.1 which will roll back your BF2 files to an incompatible patch version. Donít panic all you need to do is reapply the 1.12 patch and you will be all set to frag on with your bad self. You can see the official release here at the EA BF2 Web Site.

The patch is also available at the following sites:

Game Spot    File Cloud    File Planet

File Front    File Shack

Get that file now soldier,

Capt. D

    November 21, 2005

   Half-Life 2 Mod Insurgency...UT07...

A Half-Life 2 modification has recently come to my attention that mod is entitled Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat. This mod brings a whole new type of game play to Half-Life 2; in fact itís almost 100% different in everyway. Briefly this mod features 4 teams, platoons, a chain of command, and much more. While the mod isnít yet slated for release you can have a look at its development over at

Stay tuned for in the next couple of days we here at will be posting some Screen shots for the upcoming game Unreal Tournament 2007. The screens show off some impressive looking graphics and just add to the anticipation of this game.

Finally in site news, we have been working hard behind the scene on various sections within the site. These additions should start coming online shortly and you will notice a huge amount of content added here at As always stop by our Forums and have a look at our Links section, oh and donít forget to take a peek at the Strategy section.

See you on the battlefield,

Capt. D

    November 10, 2005

   Half-Life 2 : Aftermath...

Half-Life 2 : Aftermath is looking like it will be an interesting story with some nice eye candy making your Half-Life 2 experience last that much longer. Valve plans on incorporating Alyex into the game even more than before giving you a better look at her character. The story begins exactly where HL2 ended with you fleeing City 17, however don't plan on being able to play this game any time soon. Valve released today that it is pushing back the release date to early spring 2006, sometime around February or March.

While this is a disappointment it really only provides you with more time to play the original Half-Life 2 and brush up on the story. But before you do that have a look at some trailers for HL2 Aftermath, you can find some at and

Until we meet again,

Capt. D

    November 8, 2005

   Battlefield 2 Special Forces Site Update...

Incase you havenít noticed the official EA BF2 Special Forces website has been updated. The site contains a much better quality trailer of the one showcased on other sites prior. They have also put up about 30 new in game screenshots. With all this released the BF2 Expansion is looking better and better. So go check out the official EA BF2:SF Site.

The time is near,

Capt. D

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