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    May 19, 2009

   Another Call of Duty for 2009...

   Yes, you have heard the rumors about Activision's plans to release yet another CoD. Keeping with the spirit of things in alternating developers, Cod: World at War was developed by Treyarch, the newest installment will be by Infinity Ward.

   Infinity Ward who made: Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, and Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. It is notable that this installment in the CoD series will be losing the CoD moniker and is simply titled, as of now, Modern Warfare 2. So while it is a continuation of CoD 4 it will no longer be called Call of Duty. Make no mistake this is still very much a Call of Duty game and will be continuing after CoD 4.

   For more information please visit the Call of Duty website or have a look at the Modern Warfare 2 Wikipedia page and don’t forget on May 24th during the NBA Eastern Semi Finals a new trailer will debut for the game. The previously released trailer is located at Infinity Wards Modern Warfare 2 site.

Carry on,

Capt. D


    Nov 29, 2007

   PC Games Galore...CoD4, ETQW, Sim, and more...

   Quake Wars, Call of Duty 4, SimCity Societies, and so many more new game titles have hit the market recently. If you like the SciFi remixed than Enemy Territory Quake wars is for you. But if you are more the Hollywood action war movie player than Call of Duty four is something to ponder. Or perhaps you want a fun laid back simple scenario, if that's the case than the newest SimCity (number 5 "technically") is for you.

   Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare by Activision and Infity Ward is the newest FPS in from the CoD series. However unlike its predecessors this installment features today's weaponry and tomorrow's prototypes. Action packed single player and Online multiplayer offer you hours of entertainment. Check it out, you can download the demo here: CoD 4 Demo at

   Enemy Terriroty: Quake Wars the newest in the Quake series offers a new perspective on the series. If you have ever played the (free) FPS Enemy Terrirtoy: Wolfienstien you will be right at home with the game style. This online multiplyer FPS pits teams against eachother of opposing forces as they complete objectives to win the map or match. Weapons are both modern and futuristic in the epic battle of Alien versus Man. Download the demo here: ETQW Demo

   Simcity Societies is the 5th installment in the well known SimCity series from Electronic arts. In this version your capabilities as creator of your own little virtual world have been expanded. You can now influence how your city turns out whether it is Capitalism, Authoritarism, Cyberpunk, Rural or the many other possibilities. Like my other Sim series games this one also come with a large backing of ad ons for free.

   These are just some of the many titles that have been released lately, others include Kane and Lynch, Halo 2: The Orange Box featuring Teamfortress 2 and Portal, etc. So for this addition of FreelanceKillers Gossip Soup this is the Donkey signing off and rember to check out more info in our Forums.

See you around partner,

Capt. D


    May 29, 2007

   We are here and Desert Conflict has arrived

   People, have no fear, is still here. We have currently been going through some down time, a rebuilding year if you will (couple of months actually). However do not worry we will be back in action and better then ever in no time now, speaking of which how about some news from the Battlefield now!

   So you may or may not have heard but the much anticipated release of Desert Conflict has been released. This modification has no relationship with the original that it is trying to mimic, that original would be Desert Combat for Battlefield 1942. Mind you this is a very early release (alpha actually) and there is many bugs and lag issues..

   The new vehicles this mod brings to the Battlefield gamer are amazing. You have the Blackhawk that was pictured in all of EA's promo shots for BF2, yup that is right the one with the guns and rockets. The Blackhawk is just one of many new hellos to play with and pillage on the virtual battlefield. Also in the line up are some tweaked tanks and some new troop transports. They actually feel as if they are traveling at realistic speeds, no putt putt here. But don’t take my word for it head on over and download the mod at

   Just like to bring a little attention to the future of gaming, mind controllers, check it out Check out the forums for more info on this and other gaming hardware.

Back in the saddle again,

Capt. D

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